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A Mouthful of Eternity

Av Bertil Falk

Engelsk utgåva från Alephs dotterförlag Timaios Press.

A mouthful of literary confectionaries, the infinite taste of which you will never forget: 20 mind-boggling stories that combine science fiction with detective mysteries, against a sublime backdrop of distant times and starry space.

What to expect in the way of crimes when you have to deal with bizarre creatures and time travelers? Brilliant Billie Occasion and Greta Imelda Gandhi are the heroes of most of the stories, but you will also find tall tales about future sports in the context of biological and cultural changes — and even more to read!

Bertil Falk (b. 1933) is a retired newspaper and TV journalist, and a living legend in Swedish SF and crime fiction circles, published internationally in English, Chinese and Filipino. He got his first SF story published when he was twelve years old in 1946, making his debut as a novelist in 1954 with a crime mystery. He has been featured in, among others, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Crimespree Magazine and the anthology Passport to Crime: Finest Mystery Stories from International Crime Writers edited by Janet Hutchings.

20 NOVELLER (ursprungligen skrivna & publicerade på engelska) — Crime Does Pay — Another Way Of Doing It — What’s Done Cannot Be Undone — The Color Of Disappearance — A Dread Hour Of the Past — The Space Of Eternity — More Than an Urban Legend — The Mystery Of the Universal Trifle — A Case For Billie Occasion — A Temporal Feedback — A Mental Feedback — A Touch Of Something Else — A Taste Of the Future — A Mouthful Of Eternity — An Interstellar Tryst — A Cosmic Matchmaker — A Surprise At Starbucks — The All-Time Record — The Ball Is Dead! — Sotielkareh — About the Author

139 sid. Medelstor text.
ISBN 978-91-87611-34-6

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